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Sunday, August 29, 2010

chelsea won

my analysis

cech-easy game, was lucky whelan hit teh bar, messed up one punch or else was great

paulo-wasnt bothered defensively, made great runs, still think hes a liability against fast wingers, but still happy we have kept him

alex- good game, great tackling, good marking

terry-messed up a coupe tackles, or else was good

ash- kilelr runs, couldve scored, great game, but those runs can be costly against teams that can capitilize on the flanks

mikel-improving every game, our new maka,kept his passign simple, slowed down the game when needed, wouldve made ballack and expensive bench warmer if he didnt let him leave

essien- no mistakes nothing amzing, good distribution, knows when to go forward and when to stay back, the back bone

lamps-another bad start to the season, needs to shake off the cobwebs, i give him another month til his back to his scoring self

anelka- knows where to be, came deep, went wide, he was everywhere, smart move for penalty

malouda-great game, great runs, great passing

drogs-had his chances, good passing, good runs, couldve scored

kalou-couldve scored good game, improving, happy we didnt sell him, hes gonna be good

ramires-nothing special kept it the passign simple

overall good game, couldve been 4+ - 0


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  3. yeah i completely agree with your view on ash but essien wasn't as perfect as you say he was

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